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Planning Activities Parties And

Functions Made Easy!

Planning activities parties and functions can be overwhelming. For activities parties and functions to be successful it is essential that activities parties and functions run smoothly and are well organized. Here’s an activities parties and functions planning schedule to take out the stress of planning all your activities parties and functions.



What’s your budget for your activities parties and functions.  Include all your activities parties and functions needs including food, drinks, flowers, favors, music and lighting.


Where will your activities parties and functions be held? Remember if it’s outside to have a covered area in case of rain or a backup location for your activities parties and functions.



What date will you hold your activities parties and functions? What date will your RSVPs have to be returned?


Invitation list

When compiling your invitation list for your activities parties and functions invite an additional 20% of guests that you can accommodate as usually 70% -80% of invitees attend.

Decide on a theme or style

What theme or style will your activities parties and functions have? If you don’t have the decorations or items you need then make, buy or borrow them from friends and family.


Send invites

Make sure your activities parties and functions  invitations are sent out well ahead of time so your guests can set aside the date.



Setting an RSVP date for your activities parties and functions will help you cater for your activities parties and functions.  Have all your replies come in by the due date?  If not have a general ring/email/text around to those who haven’t so you can firm up guest numbers.


Will there be a self serve alcohol area or will there be bartenders at your activities parties and functions? Why not have themed activities parties and functions and create a signature cocktail?


Plan your menu

When planning activities parties and functions menus choose food that can be prepared in advanced. Make a list of what food you will be serving at your activities parties and functions and when they can be made ie 2 weeks prior, 3 days prior etc. Create shopping lists based on the preparation time.

Plan your alcohol

Create a shopping list of alcohol needed for your activities parties and functions. General serving suggestions are 3 bottles of wine per 4 people and if you are holding a cocktail party then 3 – 4 cocktails per guest for a 2-3 hour cocktail party.  Activities parties and functions that run out of alcohol are never fondly remembered.

Kids table

If your activities parties and functions include children remember to keep them amused.  Have fun activities for them at their table. Create of a list of anything that’s needed and go shopping.

Party favors

How many party favors do you need?  Always have extras just in case? Will you be making them or buying them? Create your list and get shopping.


Ask friends and family if they can help out. If you prefer you could hire a family friend or high school student to help your activities parties and functions flow smoothly by helping with pre and post party cleaning, drinks, appetizers, replenishing food, generally tidying including bathroom, toilet and photography.

Clean and polish

Clean and polish crystal, china and silverware.


Wash and iron

Wash and iron tablecloths and napkins


Create a party playlist remembering to have the music suit the theme or occasion.


Will your party need flashy party lights or candles for mood lighting? When you decide what your party needs create a list and go shopping.

Take inventory

Take stock of cookware, serving dishes, vases, candle holders etc you need for your party. If you don’t have enough borrow or buy. Label each dish so you can remember what you planned to use it for.


One week prior

First round of shopping and shopping

Buy drinks, alcohol, non-perishable food and ingredients for food that can be prepared early.

Time to clean

A few days prior to your party clean your house thoroughly so a quick clean will only be needed the day prior to your party.


Inform neighbors

If your neighbors are not invited to the party let them know in advance so they have the option of staying home or spending the evening away.


Three days prior

Set the stage

Clear clutter and remove any valuables or breakables to avoid any upset.  Place furniture where needed – buffet table, dessert table, tea and coffee station.


Bathroom set up

Check medicine cabinet and remove personal items you don’t want guests to see.


Place a basket filled with salt, wine away red wine stain remover, club soda and cloths for any spillage on clothing.


Specify an area whether it be cupboard or portable coat rack with free hangers.


Finish grocery shopping

Make a detailed cooking schedule for remaining dishes.

1 day before party

Set the scene

Put up decorations and place candles where needed.  Set tables, chairs, bar, give house a quick once over clean, finish as much food as possible, prepare food – dice, marinade etc, chill drinks and alcohol


Party day

Finishing touches

Buy and arrange flowers.  Allow yourself 1-2 hours to get ready.

1-2 hours prior to party

Display covered food that wont spoil, light candles, set lighting and play music.


Guests arrive

Remove food covers and greet your guests with a drink.


Mingle and enjoy!  Great activities parties and functions run smoothly with organization allowing you and your guests to enjoy the party. These activities parties and functions always bring up great memories when thought of.  If there is alcohol being served at your activities parties and functions ensure your guests have a way of getting home without driving themselves or you have prepared bedding for them to spend the night.


Author:  Diane Klem-Goode

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